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Deep Woods Paranormal

Welcome to Deep Woods Paranormal.

We're based out of Bryan, Texas 

We travel all over Texas and other states investigating the paranormal. 
Haunted House

We are a paranormal team and a production company. We create podcasts, Youtube videos, TikTok videos and other content for you to enjoy and we also host paranormal events. Please make sure to check out our whole website. We document our investigations and investigate all things paranormal, including: Bigfoot, Ghosts and haunted locations, Demons, UFOS, river monsters crypto creatures and more. 

We are happy to come investigate your location if it's actively haunted, has Bigfoot activity, UFO activity and any other paranormal or strange things going on.

We help those in need of paranormal help at no cost. Please go to the contact us below and send us a message. Your information will remain private unless you agree to for us to make it public.


Contact Us

Deep Woods Paranormal

Bryan, Texas 77803


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